About Sekunjalo

JSE-listed Sekunjalo Investments Limited is a black-owned and black-controlled investment holding company situated in Southern Africa.  Sekunjalo’s main objective is to empower previously disadvantaged individuals through job creation and maximizing shareholder wealth generation by making strategic investments.

Sekunjalo Investments Limited was established in May 1996 in the Republic of South Arica as a black–controlled economic empowerment group.  Sekunjalo, which means “now is the time” in the Nguni language, has developed a strong empowerment identity awareness in South Africa and has gained a reputation for actively pursuing opportunities in its chosen focus areas.

Sekunjalo’s major investments are in Fishing and Aquaculture, Financial Services, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, Information Technology and Telecommunications, Biotechnology and Enterprise Development.

Sekunjalo Investments appoints the boards and management of all its subsidiary companies.  They currently employ over 650 employees directly, and over 10 000 people benefit from investments and associated companies, predominantly in the manufacturing and services sectors of the Western Cape and Gauteng.  Sekunjalo is a significant exporter and generates a large portion of income in foreign currency.

As a B-BBEE business, Sekunjalo has strong roots amongst historically disadvantaged individuals (HDI’s) and community organizations.  These form the majority of the Group’s shareholder base.  Black control of Sekunjalo exceeds 80% and the majority of its economic benefits are enjoyed by black stakeholders.

Sekunjalo Investments is recognized by its peers as a pioneer in promoting the interests of HDI’s and previously marginalized communities.  The company has received numerous awards for its business performance and its achievement of real economic transformation for marginalized South Africans.

The Group’s commitment to transformation, including employment equity, skills and enterprise development and corporate social investment, makes Sekunjalo Investments Limited a role model for B-BBEE in South Africa.