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Sekunjalo’s Black Employment Equity (BEE) business model allows it to be responsive to the needs of stakeholders, including government, employees, civil society, communities and shareholders in the current environment, where poverty remains the single largest challenge facing sub-Saharan Africa today and where the majority of the population are excluded from the economic mainstream.

BEE is a necessary intervention to correct past inequalities. Black people should have a right to participate at the centre stage of the economy and the current insistence on Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (“BBBEE”), while well meaning and necessary, should not have as an unintended consequence that black South Africans remain at the periphery of the economy.

Successful black entrepreneurs are required to serve as an important sounding board for government and as role models for others.

The Sekunjalo model emphasises a deep commitment to poverty reduction, meaning that black business leaders and organisations should engage on a pro-development investment strategy, such as:

  • Skills development, especially that of building managerial capacity
  • Complementing of black and white management (with skills transference)
  • Investing in manufacturing and employment driven sectors
  • Partnering government and civil society to find common solutions for delivery of key initiatives such as housing, education and healthcare
  • Support for social entrepreneurs, especially from rural communities, thereby encouraging support for localised micro-economies
  • Promoting leadership that is caring and sensitive to the needs of all South Africans.

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