CSI Programmes

Sekunjalo has an extensive community upliftment programme, which is fully integrated with its business practices.  Sekunjalo has a strong link with previously disadvantaged communities, especially in the Western Cape, from whence it developed and where its major shareholder base lies.  The ethos of Sekunjalo is rooted in the anti-apartheid struggle and it acknowledges the history and leaders who have paved the way.

The Sekunjalo Development Foundation (SDF) is the custodian of Sekunjalo’s corporate social investment strategy.  The SDF is responsible for the development and implementation of the extensive corporate social investment programmes, which are focused primarily on Africa.  This strategy is shaped by an increasing need to ensure effective stakeholder relations and the socio-economic needs of the communities within which the company conducts its business.

The company encourages its employees to become involved in community based organizations in and around the communities that they live in and to invest of their time to such projects.


The Sekunjalo Edujazz Concert

The Sekunjalo Edujazz Concert is an annual event which raises funds to support primary and high school students from the poorest communities. The money raised at the concert benefits more than 75 primary and high schools in the Western Cape in the form of bursaries, as well as a jazz workshop which is held annually.

Cape Town International Jazz Festival

The Cape Town International Jazz Festival is the 4th largest festival of its kind globally. The festival attracts in excess of 32 000 visitors, with more than 40 artists participating at the event.  Preceding the festival, espAfrika is involved in a series of workshops targeted at previously disadvantaged individuals.

Live Rage

Live Rage encompasses a sponsorship and tribute to James Matthews, a South African writer and poet.

Delft Brass Band - Cape Outdoor Adventure Service and Training

This project was commissioned by the Department of Social Development to implement an integrated youth development programme, supporting a band of aspiring musicians.  An academic mentorship programme, a dance programme, and the training of facilitators for life-skills programmes are all part of the project.

Support for Artists

In line with our support for the arts, a decision was taken to actively seek out the paintings of lesser-known South African artists to decorate our offices. We did this to provide them with a platform to expose their artwork, while also showing our support for them.
As a result of the exposure at our Corporate Office, other firms have also subsequently bought paintings from some of these artists. These initiatives make it entirely possible that these and other artists will achieve the recognition they deserve during their lifetime, in the country of their birth.


Dr Iqbal Surve Bursary Trust (previously The Manto Tshabalala-Msimang (“mtm”) Health Professionals Bursary)

The original bursary, initiated by Sekunjalo and launched with the support of the then National Minister of Health, gave the opportunity for study at universities to many of South Africa’s young men and women who aspire to become doctors and health science professionals. The bursary was directed at the poorest students who, without the support of the MTM bursary, would lack the funds and resources to fulfill their dreams.  The bursary fulfilled the country’s dire need for more health professionals to improve the accessibility of better healthcare for a broader base of South Africans.  As the Trust recognized the value of education and research and the shortage of qualified professionals in South Africa, the object of the trust has been amended to include the promotion of high school and tertiary education in the country.

RDP Education Trust

Sekunjalo linked with the RDP Education Trust which was created to break the cycle of poverty in impoverished rural areas, giving youth access to primary and secondary educational institutions.  To date over 3000 young people have benefited from the Trust and preference is given to those studying in the fields that underpin rural development objectives e.g. science, engineering, community development, information technology, health, tourism as well as urban and regional planning. The Trust also offers support to principals, teachers and community individuals who show initiative and passion for the rural child.

Project Literacy’s Run Home to Read Project

Project Literacy’s Run Home to Read Project is a project aimed at adult basic education and training programmes to educationally disadvantaged adults by way of adult education centres, teacher training, community outreach and curriculum development.

The World Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child

The World Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child (WCPRC), based on the United Nations Convention on Children’s Rights, is the world’s largest education activity aimed at building a culture of human and child rights, democracy, environmental stewardship and global friendships.  More than 22 million children in 50 000 schools in 95 countries are the informal owners of the WCPRC.  Many of the children learn through the WCPRC Programme for the first time that they have rights and are empowered to demand that these rights are respected.  The WCPRC is open to all schools and organizations around the world.

Premier Fishing Bursary Trust

A bursary trust was launched to assist employees to further educate their dependents wanting to study at a tertiary institution. It also includes assisting dependents in Grades 11 and 12 to quality for future higher education.

Premier Fishing Learnership Programme

A learnership programme was launched for all staff for the advancement of skills and training in society, and the contribution to the socio-economic conditions of society.


Western Cape Sports Academy (“Wecsa”)

The Provincial Academies of Sport invited Sekunjalo’s Executive Chairman to serve as chairman of WECSA. Sekunjalo provides WECSA with support through meeting facilities and through its sponsorship of the SA Games.
The major aim of WECSA is to enhance the level of performance of talented athletes as well as to empower their supporting staff (coaches, administrators and technical officials). Through this process WECSA plays an important role in the development of talented athletes resulting also in more representative athletes and teams as well as supporting staff at a national level.

Sekunjalo/HST Golf Day

This event was launched in 2004 by HST.  Public hospitals in the Western Cape, such as Groote Schuur (paediatric ward), GF Jooste, Brooklyn Chest Hospital, Mowbray Maternity and Somerset Hospital have all been recipients of the generous proceeds raised at this annual Golf Day, which is now a firmly established annual event.

Jacques Kallis Scholarship Programme

Sekunjalo partnered with the Jacques Kallis Foundation, which helps top emerging talent to become their best through the Jacques Kallis Scholarship Programme. Selected learners are provided with scholarships to attend one of four nominated schools, namely Wynberg Boys’ High, Maritzburg College, Pretoria Boys’ High and Selbourne College, with twelve students currently on the programme.

Sweet Valley Primary School Winter Tour

Taking sporting activities to various impoverished communities in the Cape.

The Woodlands Community Development Trust

The Woodlands Community Development Trust and The Kerry Capstick-Dale Memorial Soccer Tournament aimed at the Youth in the Western Cape.

Saldanha Bay Rugby Club

The Saldanha Bay Rugby Club situated in the heart of the West Coast is open to all members of the community.  The club has a strong focus on sport development for the youth of the community.  Sekunjalo assisted with sponsorship of their gymnasium in their club house as this will allows the players to condition themselves and to be competitive in the sport of rugby.


Greenland Learning Journey on Climate Change

Greenland Learning Journey on Climate Change “How to stop the ice melting”.  The Tällberg Foundation based in Sweden and the Active Philanthropy based in Germany organized the intensive journey on “How to Stop the Ice Melting in Greenland.  It not only studies climate change in action but also focuses with clarity and passion on what needs to be done.  The Tällberg Foundation helps participants think through complex problems, creating time for reflection and discussions with peers to identify and commit to actions within one’s personal field.

Ladies of March PRO

An institution which raises funds for the Hip Replacement Clinic for the people of Gaza, who are in desperate need of assistance.

Elim House

A residential special care centre for children with mental and physical challenges.

Proudly Manenberg Festival

The event is held annually in Manenberg for the community. The festival includes local and national artists, sports events, entertainment, stalls and firework displays.

Direct support for NGOs and community groupings

The Group acknowledges its responsibility to the social upliftment of the communities within which it operates. Through the continuation and expansion of its social responsibility programmes, Sekunjalo provides donations or other support to various individuals, NGOs, community projects and education causes; organisations such as the Community Ploughback movement. This is a group which is situated in the Cape Town township of Nyanga, under the leadership of Professor N. Mtewa.
The Group has committed itself to contributing to the alleviation of hunger, poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, crime and all those ills which negatively affect the moral fibre of South African society.

Bridgetown High School Alumni Association

Bridgetown High School Alumni Association’s plough back programme, which raises funds for the community of the Western Cape.


The Sekunjalo Group has also made a significant number of ad-hoc donations to various organisations and causes. Some of the organisations that benefited from this include St. Luke’s Hospice; The Mew Way Women’s Craft project, Yenzani Shelter and the KZN Institute of the Blind. We believe that these groups are doing very necessary work in their respective communities, and support them gladly.