Health Overview

Sekunjalo’s healthcare business is focused on three areas: the pharmaceutical industry, the creation of biosimilars and hospital information systems.

Sekunjalo Health Care (Pty) Ltd (SHC) is one of the leading healthcare and pharmaceutical companies in South Africa, providing market-driven products of superior quality that are affordable and will ultimately improve quality of life.

Sekpharma Pty Ltd is one of the first pharmaceutical companies in Africa that is wholly black owned, and significantly also owns its own pharmacy dossiers and has its own distribution and marketing arm/capacity. Sekpharma is also a distributer for pharmaceutical companies based in the Middle East and India.

The pharmaceutical strategic approach that Sekpharma has undertaken is to acquire and partner with multinational companies in their dossier portfolio, by assisting them in registering their dossiers with the Medicines Control Council (MCC).  At the same time, Sekpharma ensures that they have adequate distribution of their pharmaceutical products into the public sector through Sekpharma’s strong empowerment credentials, and into the private sector through Sekpharma’s sales and distribution arm. The objective is to significantly increase the current dossiers that are either owned or co-marketed over the next few years.

Genius Biotherapeutics has a track record of successfully commercializing biosimilars, such as Erythopoietin (EPO) (Repotin®) and Granulocyte-Colony Stimulating Factor (G-CSF) and has developed world class manufacturing facilities in Cape Town and Pretoria. Through its internationally accredited scientific team it has successfully developed novel compounds resulting in 22 global patents in the areas of active cellular amino therapy for cancer treatment.

Genius Biotherapeutics’s approach is to build significant biosimilar capacity and facilities to license and supply EPO and G-CSF to Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. It is also focused on commercializing its novel technologies for clinical application in cancer and infectious diseases by partnering world class universities with its own scientific team on the African continent.

Health System Technologies (HST) is the first South African hospital information systems company to successfully execute and implement a large scale HIS programme in the African continent. Its success has allowed the province of the Western Cape in South Africa to increase hospital efficiencies, better manage patient records and save significant costs for the benefit of patients using the public hospital system in approx 40 hospitals.  HST is the partner of choice to Siemens Health, IBM and AME. It has also successfully written application software which is used globally. HST is owned by Sekunjalo Health Care Limited but managed by Sekunjalo Technology Solutions Group (see information under Technology).