Sekunjalo Health Care Limited

Sekunjalo Health Care Limited (SHC) is one of the leading healthcare companies in South Africa. They provide market-driven products of superior quality that are affordable and will ultimately improve quality of life. SHC houses Sekunjalo’s investments in healthcare and pharmaceuticals. In addition, in an attempt to grow the product range, the company pursues additional products and joint venture opportunities that add value for all stakeholders.

Although many changes have taken place in the industry and it remains a highly regulated trading environment, SHC and its subsidiaries have adapted well to these challenges mainly due to their ability to react quickly and their highly skilled and motivated workforce. SHC actively promotes entrepreneurial potential and flair in prospective business ventures, and targets niche markets to strive for market leadership in their areas of operation.

SHC began operations in 1998. Since then, SHC has undergone consolidation and integration that has resulted in a focused business unit that currently comprises two main divisions: Pharmaceuticals and Rapid Diagnostics.

SHC is managed by a diverse team and the directors guide the business through its various boards. The management team boasts a collective 45 years of experience in pharmaceutical sales and marketing, and these skills are now being applied across divisions. At the same time, SHC has recognized that the trend in the industry has been that of declining local manufacture and moving toward offshore imports. This is a trend which SHC is continuously seeking opportunities to reverse, and to thereby create more local jobs and ownership opportunities for South Africans.

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