Marine Growers

Marine Growers, a division of Premier Fishing, owns an abalone farm that produces cultivated abalone, (locally known as “perlemoen”) for the export market. The farm is based in Gansbaai in the Western Cape.  South Africa’s “Haliotis Midae” abalone is highly sought after in the Far East, as one of the most expensive sea food types on the market.

The demand for this product has led to aggressive poaching of abalone in our local waters, to the extent that the natural wild abalone stock has been depleted and may shortly be listed by the Conventional on International Trades in Endangered Species (CITES). The abalone farm ensures the sustainability of the species and makes a contribution to international trade, while also representing a viable and highly profitable investment opportunity.

The growth of this business as well as the investment into new activities in aquaculture is a priority to the group not only for its potential returns but also because this is seen as a sustainable and environmentally friendly option.

Marine Growers also owns SEAGRO. SEAGRO’s range of organic fertilizers have a wide range of applications as biological fertilizers in the agricultural, horticultural and home and garden industries. Produced from the mineral rich Atlantic Ocean, SEAGRO has been growing gardens organically for decades and is a preferred choice for commercial farmers, horticulturalist and gardeners.  SEAGRO’s range of economical fertilizers are approved as an organic input by the highly respected certification body SGS.  SEAGRO is manufactured and hand packed by Southern Sea Fishing, a division of Premier Fishing, situated in Saldanha Bay, a small town on the West Coast of South Africa.

SEAGRO organic plant food is made from the highest quality naturally derived ingredients and produced with the utmost care in order to preserve its natural goodness – as such, all Seagro products are economical, environmentally friendly and compatible with insecticides and adjuvants.