Sekunjalo Capital

Sekunjalo Capital (Pty) Ltd is the holding company for financial services and related operations within the Sekunjalo group. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sekunjalo Investments Limited.

Sekunjalo Capital aims to bring appropriate and affordable financial services products to the majority of South Africans from historically disadvantaged backgrounds. This distinct market segment has historically been under-serviced, or sold inappropriate financial products. Sekunjalo Capital intends to change this and become a leader in this niche market, addressing structural inefficiencies through the provision of solid and appropriate financial services products.

Sekunjalo Capital incorporates the following operations:

  • Sekunjalo Financial Services (Pty) Ltd (100%)
    • Imagination Advisory & Distribution Services (Pty) Ltd (51%)
    • Imagination Administration Services (Pty) Ltd (26%)
  • Sekunjalo Private Equity (Pty) Ltd (100%)
    • Cynthesys Business Consulting (Pty) Ltd (100%)
    • Sharenet Financial Solutions (Pty) Ltd (100%)
  • Sekunjalo Asset Finance (Pty) Ltd (100%)

Sekunjalo Capital’s vision for the future includes partnerships with global organizations to ensure that a sustainable model is implemented to enable those who are not recognized by many current large service providers to gain access to financial products which are cost-effective and which are relevant.

Sekunjalo believes that it stands on the precipice of a unique opportunity in the Financial Services sector in Africa and that the global networks available to the group will strengthen its ability to redefine the environment and the business model.