Tripos Tourism Investments

Tripos is a leader in innovation in the travel and tourism industry, with a dynamic and experienced team.  Tripos has for the last 15 years been at the cutting edge of IT in the travel industry and software licensing has now become a distinct revenue stream for the business.  

Tripos is an established business that was founded in 1970.  It company started as a traditional high street travel agent, but has developed over four decades into a highly innovative travel and tourism management company with two main focus areas:

  1. 1.  CORPORATE TRAVEL MANAGEMENT - with a client base mainly in Cape Town and Johannesburg, and
  2. 2. TOURISM SERVICES - with a client base mainly in Europe.

As South Africa’s leading BEE company, Sekunjalo made a strategic decision to become a player in the industry that has the biggest potential to create employment in the future and bring more South Africans out of poverty: namely tourism and leisure.  Tourism is already the country’s biggest industry but the upside still remains enormous, especially following the World Cup 2010.
Tripos' core business is corporate travel and their revenue is fee-driven.  The majority of fee relationships are transaction-driven, but some of Tripos' larger clients pay a fixed monthly fee and this approach is favoured by Tripos. 

In 2009 Tripos acquired a license to re-sell a new travel management software system and it is hoped that this will further boost efforts to develop reliable annuity income streams.  The tourism business is mark-up-driven and revenue is unpredictable, although tours are generally confirmed some months in advance.

Tripos believes very strongly in “centralisation” and the aggressive use of computer technology to boost efficiency.  Although Tripos operates in South Africa from four sites, their administration centre is in Cape Town, and future plans will move the company to operate from just one hub, and only to provide sales and service capabilities in centres where they have significant client base.