Health System Technologies

Ranked among the top health ICT systems services provider in South Africa, Health System Technologies (HST) is a leading provider of ICT solutions for healthcare organisations.

HST forms part of the Sekunjalo group of companies. HST is owned 100% by Sekunjalo Medical Services (Pty) Ltd, a division of Sekunjalo Health Care Limited, but is managed as part of Sekunjalo TSG. It is the intention of Sekunjalo TSG to acquire HST in the short term.

As a major contributor to healthcare ICT, HST has proven delivery capability to integrate the appropriate mix of ICT requirements for successful large healthcare ICT projects.

HST has become firmly established as a leading healthcare IT solutions and services provider of internationally recognised applications from Siemens Medical Solution (SMS) plus solutions from other leading ICT suppliers. Health Systems Technologies (HST) provides healthcare management information systems to various Southern African healthcare organisations.

HST offers solutions and services in the following areas: electronic health record management systems commissioning, implementation, project management, integration, data conversion, data cleansing, training and continued systems support and maintenance to support entire business processes; business intelligence, hardware installation, configuration, training, documentation and support, database implementation, administration and support.

A key part of the HST’s offering is the dedicated and experienced team committed to delivery and improving healthcare in Southern Africa. The HST team consists of health professionals (nurses, pharmacists, health management), business professionals (accountants, MBAs), IT professionals (developers, system engineers, network specialists), implementation experts and support specialists.

HST has existing strong alliances with major role players in the healthcare and IT industries, and is very well positioned for significant future growth.   These alliances include:

  • Siemens Medical Services in South Africa, Erlangen and Malvern (USA)
  • Siemens Business Services in South Africa
  • Fujitsu
  • T-Systems South Africa
  • AME International and AME Africa
  • Intersystems
  • The IQ Business Group
  • ICNET in South Africa and the UK
  • JAC in the UK