Sekunjalo Technology Solutions Group (Sekunjalo TSG)

Sekunjalo Technology Solutions Group (Pty) Ltd, known as Sekunjalo TSG, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sekunjalo and, as a holding company, focuses on acquiring and growing high growth, niche-market technology companies.

Sekunjalo TSG invests in and partners with entrepreneurs in environments, businesses and opportunities where it can strategically influence and transform each of its investments by providing tangible empowerment benefits.

The focus of Sekunjalo TSG’s investments is to provide business solutions for South African corporate and government enterprises that use the very best technologies. The following subsidiaries form part of this division:

  • Saratoga Software
  • Digital Matter
  • Health System Technologies (“HST”) (managed by Sekunjalo TSG, but owned by Sekunjalo Health Care Limited)

International partners include Microsoft, Cognos, IBM, Siemens and AME.

The Company has rapidly achieved recognition, market penetration and influence in the markets that it has served over the last three years. This focused strategy has enabled its success and profitability.