Published 28 August 2017, by Kabelo Khumalo

CAPE TOWN – South Africa’s online shopping superstore has set its sights on unlocking further value in the business and entrenching its foothold in the competitive e-commerce industry, supported by the company’s capital-efficiency position and a sound market understanding by its top executives.

The company said that it viewed its growth strategy in the long term and is prioritising revenue growth before profitability.

Gary Hadfield, chief executive of, said on Friday that the company had built a strong platform and has consistently delivered hyper growth, while hitting its margin and bottom line targets.

“We are acutely aware of the crucial areas and investments required to scale this type of business. We have conducted detailed analysis of the investment quantums received by African players and funded by the likes of Kinnevik, TigerGlobal and Millecom.”

“By comparison, we could be viewed as still being in “bootstrapping” mode, running a lean business, but with a sound grasp of where we get our gains and what will drive value creation. We will be investing a lot more in crucial areas,” Hadfield added.

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Published 23 August 2017, by an ANA Reporter

Cape Town – The African News Agency (ANA) on Wednesday launches the ANA PR Wire information service that allows business, organisations and individuals to share their news releases instantaneously with millions around the world.

The platform can be accessed here:

“This service propels Africa into newsrooms and boardrooms. We are providing African businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs with a tool that moves them into the global spotlight. Our cutting-edge information dissemination platform empowers Africans to share their own news as frequently and as affordably as possible,” said ANA CEO Grant Fredericks.

The easy-to-use and cloud-based ANA PR Wire is free and visible to access, view and use press releases. Anyone can register and receive the information they are interested in at no cost.

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