Published 23 April 2018, by AYO Technology Solutions Limited  

CAPE TOWN – AYO Technology Solutions Limited has noted with dismay and serious concern, the media articles that have been published about our company over the past weekend.
In particular, we are deeply troubled by the defamatory, false and inaccurate information that was published by amaBhungane in “Surve’s Listing Ship” on 21 April 2018 (the “article”) and then republished by several other media houses, including Business Day – without any opportunity for AYO to respond.
In order to inform all stakeholders of the correct factual situation simultaneously, AYO has decided to publish this announcement on SENS as we are in a closed period and this information has significantly impacted our share price . This announcement serves to correct the inaccuracies contained in the article and to reassure all our stakeholders (especially shareholders and customers) that AYO is a proudly black-owned South African ICT company and our dealings with the market have at all times been, and will continue to be, transparent and driven with the highest level of sincerity and integrity. 
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Published 22 April 2018, by Sekunjalo Investment Holdings
CAPE TOWN – Last week, Independent Media journalists reported on an apartheid-era style dirty tricks operation aimed at Independent Media, Sekunjalo Investment Holdings, Sagarmatha Technologies, AYO Technology Solutions (AYO) and Dr Iqbal Survé. This disinformation campaign, originating from journalists at competitor media houses (Ann Crotty of Tiso Blackstar, publisher of Sunday Times, Business Day, Financial Mail etc and Sam Sole from amaBhungane) has similar patterns to Stratcom.
Stratcom was a media strategy run by apartheid securocrats using journalists in mainstream media to discredit prominent individuals and organisations that fought against apartheid, thereby undermining the legitimate fight for freedom and democracy.
In the last two weeks, Independent Media and Sekunjalo have twice set the record straight and pointed out that the above individuals had selectively extracted information from the published Sagarmatha pre-listing statement (PLS) and deliberately distorted the facts to scupper the listing of Sagarmatha Technologies on the Johannesburg Stock
Exchange. We pointed out that there were 29 inaccuracies in the articles by these journalists.
Despite widely disseminating our responses to competitor media houses, almost without exception, they did not publish our response and continued to peddle the lies thereby denying their readers, viewers and listeners the right to our viewpoint. This is, of course, the most basic tenet of journalism and the lack of being permitted a fair response shows the unethical journalism that is paramount at our competitors. Hence our drawing of a parallel with Stratcom.
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Published 20 April 2018, by a staff reporter 

The World’s Children’s Prize Ceremony kicked off a new initiative, ‘You Me Equal Rights’, on Thursday in which girls and boys will work together for girls’ equal rights.

Nine young musicians from Cape Town received the WCP Crystal Globe and accepted the honorable mission to act as ambassadors for You Me Equal Rights.

The nine musicians are Idols winner Paxton Fielies, 17, from Bishop Lavis, members of The Jazz Yard Academy Band from Bonteheuwel: Curtley Cerfontein, 16, Quinley Lodewyk, 17, Tyrese Stuurman, 14, and Charlton Moses, 16, and members of Inkwenkwesi Stars from Khayelitsha: Simbongile Sam, 16, Zintle Kati, 16, Bonga Hatana, 16, and Athenkosi Halu, 16.

The musicians also performed at a ceremony at Gripsholm Castle in Mariefred, Sweden, in front of children from 10 countries and H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden.

Rachel Lloyd, whose childhood was marked by violence and exploitation, had been chosen by children in South Africa and around the world as Child Rights Hero of the Year and recipient of the World’s Children’s Prize, often called the “Children’s Nobel Prize”. Lloyd, originally from the UK, was honoured for her 20-year fight against domestic trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of children in the US.

Millions of children took part in the Global Vote, which forms part of the World’s Children’s Prize programme. It educates and supports children in acting as change-makers, standing up for compassion, the equal worth of every individual, children’s rights, democracy and sustainable development.

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Published 17 April 2018, by Independent Media 

Independent Media is one of the most influential media companies on the African continent, with a stable of well-known credible brands supported by thousands of South Africans and commercial partners.

The company is the largest black-owned and managed media house in South Africa with a broad base of stakeholders including the Sekunjalo Independent Media(SIM) consortium (inclusive of several diversified entities such as trade unions and civil society groups), Interacom (China International Television Corporation and China-Africa Development Fund) and the Public Investment Corporation (PIC).

Independent Media, through SIM, was included in the plans of Sagarmatha Technologies, to form part of the multi-sided platform (MSP) technology company’s ecosystem which was to list on the JSE last week.  The details of the transaction and all related information were included, with full transparency, in the pre-listing statement (PLS) which was approved by the JSE.

In the weeks leading up to the listing, certain opposition media companies embarked on a disinformation campaign against Independent Media in an attempt to scupper the listing.   Snippets of information, contained in the 212-page PLS, were extracted and represented as an “exposé”, in an attempt to mislead the public and create a picture of wrongdoing and to cast suspicion on some of the people and companies involved in Sagarmatha Technologies.


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Published 05 April 2018, written by Athina May 

Cape Town – After wooing jazz enthusiasts at the Cape Town International Jazz festival, musicians of the Sekunjalo Delft Big Band felt confident about their future.

But their success was short-lived as their band was targeted and stripped of its instruments by robbers over the Easter break.

The band discovered their practice room in shambles on Tuesday evening when they arrived at Associated Printing in Airport Industry and found it largely empty.

Inspecting the room they found the only thing left was a piano, which was damaged, and a hole in the wall through which the robbers entered.

“We opened the door and discovered no lights and when we walked in we saw a big hole in the wall where the robbers came in from the bush.

“They took everything in the room. They took three to four drum kits, a xylophone, 15 music stands, a mixer, a PA system and mikes,” said band manager Nashville Ruiters.

“We worked hard for what we have and it’s heartbreaking to see how people can break you down.

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Published 4 April 2018, written by an ANA reporter

JOHANNESBURG – BRICS countries – led by South Africa – are going to prioritise the digital economy in the development of cheaper, quicker and faster digital and mobile technology.

BRICS comprises five major emerging national economies – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

The incoming chairman of the BRICS Business Council, Dr. Iqbal Survé, said the “4th Industrial Revolution (4IR)” was characterised by dramatic and disruptive change in the ways societies are run.

He said that if the third Industrial revolution was associated with the rise of computer technology – the 4IR would be associated with supercomputing, blockchain technologies, and artificial intelligence.

“[This] is fundamentally different to the previous three revolutions because for the first time that which was a figment of our imagination can begin to happen – humans can be replaced in virtually every sphere of productive life,” said Dr. Survé, in his address at the BRICS Business Council 2018 Midterm meeting held in Shanghai on Thursday, 27 March.

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