Published 13 December 2018, by Ayanda Mdluli     

How much is the truth worth? Well, if you are Dr Iqbal Survé, chairman of Sekunjalo Investments Holdings and executive chairman of Independent News Media, it could be billions of Rands.

Having weathered a barrage of severely negative and often false and misleading “news” stories and finger pointing over the past few years, Dr Survé has had enough.

He has decided that the truth must come out and the only way to do this, is by going to court to let the law decide.

As a result, and having consulted senior counsel on the matter, Dr Survé and his legal team will be issuing a raft of summonses during the first quarter of 2019.

These summonses will be aimed at a number of South African media houses, journalists in their personal capacity and a number of individuals who have been instrumental in the sustained and unprovoked attack on Dr Survé and a number of the Sekunjalo Group investee companies.

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Published 13 December 2018, by IOL, staff reporter
CAPE TOWN – Sekunjalo Investment Holdings Chairman, Dr Iqbal Survé slammed CEO of Sygnia Limited, Magda Wierzycka for lying during several radio interviews she gave to media houses.
Wierzycka had charges of attempted extortion laid against her by AEEI CEO Khalid Abdulla after she allegedly tried to unduly benefit from buying the Sygnia shares that AEEI owns at a well below market price, this in exchange for not writing negative articles about Sekunjalo Group companies and thereby negatively influencing the media and market.
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Cape Town – AEEI and its CEO, Khalid Abdulla, on Tuesday laid a charge of attempted extortion against Magda Wierzycka, CEO of Sygnia Limited, an asset management company listed on the JSE.

The charge of attempted extortion was lodged following Wierzycka’s alleged approach to Abdulla to buy back the shares that Abdulla, AEEI, its majority shareholder Sekunjalo Investment Holdings have in Sygnia at a substantially lower price. Failing this, she threatened to continue to write negative stories about Sekunjalo, AEEI and its associated company, AYO Technology Solutions.

Collectively, the three entities own approximately 3,5 million shares. At the time of the alleged attempted extortion, the undue benefit to Wierzycka would have amounted to millions of rands.

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