This article is an exposé of the collusion, misinformation, defamation and sabotage against Independent Media, its executive chairman and associated companies, and all its employees, based on research conducted by the Journalism Intern Investigative Unit of Independent Media.

We have seen a staggering 25 articles published by journalists of a particular generation in the last 50 days alone. Is it a coincidence that the vast majority of these journalists are white and are virulently anti a democratically-elected government?

These are the statistics based on the research findings:

From late 2012, when Dr Iqbal Survé and Sekunjalo emerged as bidders for Independent, to the present a total of 368 articles have been written.

In these articles, as depicted in Graph 1, Dr Survé was negatively written about 266 times out of the total, using mostly conjecture and speculation; Sekunjalo, 207 times and Independent Media, 319 times.

These propaganda journalists, as it is only fair to call them, include Ed Herbst, Glenda Nevill, Alec Hogg, Gill Moodie, Terry Bell, James Myburgh, Donwald Pressly, Chris Whitfield, Ann Crotty, Marianne Thamm, Allister Sparks and Rhoda Kadalie – the last person not a journalist but a joiner of the “white boys” club who has finally found her spiritual home in the belly of the last apartheid president, as the deputy chairman of the De Klerk Foundation.

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