In a world where many of our local communities are under constant threat of negative elements of crime, gangsterism and drug abuse, the Sekunjalo Investment Group has been making a major difference with their Edujazz programme since 2001.

The musical experience that they have taken to so many youngsters across the peninsula has been an investment that has inspired so many of the participants from those early years to make music their careers, and now many of them are sharing those experiences to inspire another generation to play their part in the legacy of great sounds that come from this part of the world.

An integral part of this experience was more than just getting onto a stage to perform, but also a chance to learn and be mentored by a host of the legends of local music.

Imagine turning that clock forward at the time and realising that many of them would go on to become part of the bands backing those legends. That investment has played a part in making some musical dreams come true…and it is a journey that still continues!

As we get ready to celebrate another year of the EduJazz project, it’s time to reflect that we really have a life-long friendship to thank for getting it all going.

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The African Independent will change the narrative of how the continent is reported, Independent Media’s executive chairman Dr Iqbal Survé tells Michael Morris.

When, as a recently graduated medical student, Iqbal Survé chose to do his elective stint at the infectious diseases unit at Harare’s Parirenyatwa Hospital in the mid-1980s – and spent a further six weeks at a clinic in rural Zimbabwe – it sealed what turns out to be a lasting affection for a country often in the news for its deepening contemporary crisis.

Zimbabwe, the executive chairman of Independent Media said without hesitation, is his favourite place in Africa.

The warmth of the people, breathtaking natural beauty and his experience of the quietude of its rural life touched him as a young man, and the affinity is with him still.

Beyond questions of affection, though, is his interest in Africa as a huge growing market, and sentiment is not a primary feature of his appraisal.

He makes no apology for viewing economic prospects, or the scope of returns on investment in the continent, with unsentimental alertness, asserting that his high ambitions in Africa are realisable if founded on good research and clear-headed planning.

In an interview on the launch of Independent Media’s new continental weekly, African Independent, and its allied multimedia platform,, Survé spelled out the vision of an “integrated” strategy he sees challenging agencies such as Reuters, Bloomberg and Agence France Presse, and social media giant Facebook.

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