Published 04 April 2020, by Sizwe Dlamini

The lockdown has exacerbated the sluggish economy and has led to a number of media houses experiencing a negative impact on both their advertising and circulation revenue. Photo: ANA Archives

CAPE TOWN – Independent Media and African News Agency (ANA) on Saturday jointly denounced the petty attempts by competing media houses and their journalists, to use the companies’ sustainability measures and actions, to perpetuate their ongoing smear and propaganda campaign against the chairperson Dr Iqbal Survé and his related businesses.

“The media are therefore respectfully requested to refrain from insidious remarks and questioning. They will simply not be entertained, and no response will be given. Genuine questions in the interest of news, we will happily answer,” the entities said in a joint statement.

“Our deeply considered and proactive measures to protect our people should, therefore, be welcomed, and not used to score cheap points for a repeated attack on either company or their chairperson.

“Sekunjalo Investment Holdings has independently supported the operations of both companies and will continue its efforts to safeguard a free and transformed press in South Africa throughout this process and these challenging times. Dr Survé and the entire Sekunjalo Group, are highly appreciative of the efforts the executives at Independent and ANA have done to secure staff and the Group stands united behind us,” reads the statement.

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