Published 22 July 2018, Lee Rondganger   

Durban – South Africa will be on a winning wicket if business leaders and government unite behind political stability and sound governance, Dr  Iqbal Survé, chairperson of the BRICS Business Council said on Sunday.

Addressing hundreds of delegates attending a session on Investment Opportunities in South Africa at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre, Dr Survé implored business leaders to rally behind President Ramaphosa’s aim of attracting $100bn in investment for South Africa.

Noting that president Ramaphosa was already able to secure $20bn in investment from the Middle East, he called it a silver lining on the new dawn for South Africa.

“As business leaders, we must affirm and support his inspirational leadership.  South Africa’s entire history from political struggle and democratic consolidation has been about working as a collective,” Dr Survé said.

“That unity of purpose, political stability, sound governance fundamentals and reciprocal support from government to business will make South Africa an even more incredible success story. Add to that mix the enormous political, economic and financial muscle that we are able to mobilise through BRICS and it has to be a winning wicket,” he said.

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