Published 07 May 2020 by Adri Senekal de Wet

Executive Editor of Business Report.

CAPE TOWN – That the media landscape has changed over the past few years is one thing. The change we have seen in the past few weeks is another, entirely.

Change in this aeons-old industry started with the introduction of digital platforms and social media, then a steady decline in advertising revenue, circulation, along with a slew of new digital-first publications.

Venerable publishing groups and titles across the country have announced some form of aggravated difficulty in running their businesses over this time.

Last week, Associated Media Publishing (AMP), one of South Africa’s most well-known independent media houses, announced that the company will be closing up shop, permanently. AMP chief executive Julia Raphaely shared the news that the company, which was launched 38 years ago, would cease trading and publishing its magazines, including Cosmopolitan, House & Leisure and Women on Wheels, from May 1.

Joining their ranks this week, it is the turn of Caxton and CTP Publishers & Printers, who on Tuesday said it had decided, in principle, to close its magazine division.

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