Published 05 April 2018, written by Athina May 

Cape Town – After wooing jazz enthusiasts at the Cape Town International Jazz festival, musicians of the Sekunjalo Delft Big Band felt confident about their future.

But their success was short-lived as their band was targeted and stripped of its instruments by robbers over the Easter break.

The band discovered their practice room in shambles on Tuesday evening when they arrived at Associated Printing in Airport Industry and found it largely empty.

Inspecting the room they found the only thing left was a piano, which was damaged, and a hole in the wall through which the robbers entered.

“We opened the door and discovered no lights and when we walked in we saw a big hole in the wall where the robbers came in from the bush.

“They took everything in the room. They took three to four drum kits, a xylophone, 15 music stands, a mixer, a PA system and mikes,” said band manager Nashville Ruiters.

“We worked hard for what we have and it’s heartbreaking to see how people can break you down.

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