Publishing across the globe is getting a digital injection – and one company in Africa is leading the pack. By Chelsea Lotz

Technology is changing the media landscape as we know it today. While many in the industry believe technologies such as AI, cloud computing, and robotics are intended to take over the workforce, the contrary is true. More and more companies – both in and out of the media space – are introducing systems to help create a paperless digital workforce, where automation and efficiency are driven by the latest technology and managed by professionals. There is no limit to what can be achieved through these technologies and their intelligent use of data. As the world enters 4IR, data has become more powerful and valuable than oil.


Information is now more readily available than ever before. Consumers no longer need to rely on reading the weekly or daily newspaper for breaking news or to understand events happening across the globe. As more and more of us adopt technology – turning to platforms such as YouTube, Google, and Facebook – the publishing industry is being compelled to take an unprecedented leap into the digital domain. Many companies have turned to cloud computing and AI, which help empower consumers, writers, analysts, and creatives by providing them with the necessary tools to advance both production and overall creativity.

One such company is new-kid-on-the-block Volt.Africa. Derived from the unit for electric potential, Volt.Africa is symbolic of the skills and capability of our human capital, and the velocity with which they stay ahead of the diffusion of innovation in the digital economy. With more than 80 percent of consumers accessing news on smart devices, the ability to fit in and understand this new data-driven market has become more important than ever. The company’s service offerings include digital publishing, AI publishing software, adverts automated by digital-video software, meta-tagging, data analytics, and SEO metrics. By moving its publishing clients into the digital space, Volt.Africa has elevated the industry in Africa to a paperless technology-driven domain, focused on integral audience expansion and real-time data.

Digital power