Published 17 May 2020 by  Dr Iqbal Survé

Future business success will not only depend on a business’s ability to re-engineer itself during the coornavirus pandemic but also on how it has treated its staff and its customers during this period, writes Dr Iqbal Survé.

The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed many aspects about who we are as humans, the state of our economies and the reliance we have on the ability of those who control our purse strings – literally placing our lives in their hands.

On the one hand, the challenges faced by lockdowns, social-distancing, restricted business and the ever present spectre of the unseen disease, have banded people together in solidarity. It has shown how when the chips are down, and our human existence is threatened, that we can dig deep, find empathy for one another and rekindle what has been sorely lacking in the relentless march of materialism and ego, that we can indeed be kind.

On the other hand, it has also glaringly highlighted the fragility of global supply chains and our inter-dependency on them and each other. It has also exposed the underbelly of the cut-throat business of getting ahead of the competition and staying there, along with opportunistic politicking.

No one can really predict what is going to happen post-Covid-19. However, there is a reasonable assumption that there will be several business sectors that will need to experience wholesale change, while some will cease to exist, and others will thrive.

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