To Dear Mr Ngalwa, The South African National Editors’ Forum Chairman

Your correspondence to the Public Investment Corporation (PIC) and copied to me refers.

It is clear from SANEF’s correspondence to the PIC, that your organisation is driven by a hidden agenda and one which is not related to media freedom, freedom of expression or the protection of jobs in the media industry.

For the purposes of this communication, I will confine myself to addressing the blatant misrepresentation of the facts related to the commercial aspects of our business. The unfounded allegations of editorial interference are addressed by Independent Media’s editors in their own statement which is attached for easy reference.

The arrogance displayed by SANEF in its correspondence to the PIC cannot go unchallenged.

SANEF is an NGO/voluntary organisation, which has regrettably strayed into areas which it should not be involved in. The most basic principle of journalism is to gather all sides of the story and request information from the people that you are writing about. Once again, SANEF has failed to contact Independent Media or me to get clarity about matters pertaining to Independent Media and its business.

Please read the full statement here ExecChair letter to SANEF 26Feb21 (003)