Through best practices and an increase in 4IR strategies, Premier Fishing & Brands is set to disrupt the sustainable fishing industry in SA.

The Earth’s natural resources are running low, including those that provide human sustenance (such as potable water and fish). As sources of food become scarcer, companies around the world are increasing their sustainability efforts to ensure profitability and nourishment for future generations.

Premier Fishing & Brands (a JSE-listed, vertically integrated and empowered marine business and one of the largest B-BBEE commercial fishing companies in South Africa) wants to make a valuable contribution to energy conservation. In pursuit of this goal, Premier Fishing recently completed a solar photovoltaic (PV) project at its abalone farm in Gansbaai in the Western Cape. The system uses solar irradiation (light from the sun) to generate electricity, helping to offset the electrical supply to the abalone farm.

Premier CEO Samir Saban says, “The PV modules are mounted on a specialised car-porting system that allows them to be installed above our abalone tanks. This means the panels have three main advantages for the farm: Generating electricity savings; protecting the tanks from seagulls; and providing the growing abalone with shade, which reduces the amount of algae that grows on the animals.”

Eco evolution