Published 30 October 2017, by Georgina Crouth 

JOHANNESBURG – With four awards under his belt this year already, Khalid Abdulla is counting his blessings: he’s captained the JSE-listed African Equity Empowerment Investments Limited (AEEI) for six years and built up a strong team around him.

AEEI listed its Premier Fishing and Brands Limited division earlier this year under Abdulla’s leadership and he is thrilled about an imminent listing on the JSE for its IT arm. “Part of our Vision 2020 was to list our fishing and IT businesses separately on the JSE. The IT listing is going to happen in the near future. There’s quite a bit of work happening around that,” he says.

“AEEI has five portfolios: food and fishing; technology, health and beauty, biotherapeutics, events and tourism, and its strategic investments. “Over the past 15 years we’ve built up the IT division, mainly around software services in hospitals and national laboratories. That business has already mushroomed and is going to expand a lot more – we’re going on a serious acquisition drive over the next year.

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