The Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future aims to create a community of woman leaders in science, technology, engineering and mathematics in Africa and around the world.

The foundation held one of its regional forums attended by young scientists and technicians from around Africa at the V&A Waterfront on Wednesday.

Keynote speaker, executive chairman at Independent Media Dr Iqbal Survé, addressed more than 40 alumni and fellows at the forum and spoke about the collaboration between the scientific community and the media.

He said this had led to worldwide recognition of, arguably, one of the greatest archaeological breakthroughs of South Africa – the recently discovered relative of humankind, Homo Naledi.

“This (the coverage of the Homo Naledi) is a great example of where something would have been, maybe, an article on page 7 in the science and technology section, became the front page… what was amazing about this was the response from the communities and, in particular, from the schools.

 “The schools were asking for more and more copies of the newspapers to be able to teach it in their classrooms,” he said.
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