Published  5 February 2020, by Dr Iqbal Survé Business Report

DAVOS – Stakeholder capital may have been the theme at this year’s 50th staging of the World Economic Forum

(WEF), but South Africa has surely lost its currency at Davos, along with the last vestiges of any credibility we may once have had. 

Once the darlings of the African continent, South Africa’s sun has stopped rising, with WEF now embracing the rest of the continent as the answer to Africa 2.0, leaving the Southernmost tip of Africa firmly on the sidelines.

WEF has often been criticised for being elitist and pro capitalist, and sometimes, deservedly so. So it was refreshing (and necessary) for this gathering of global minds and decision makers to revert to its roots in 2020 and re-explore the notion of stakeholder capitalism v shareholder capitalism and what this means in the modern collaborative context.

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