Published 23 February 2020, by Mandla Mbusi

Sekunjalo Investment Holdings (Sekunjalo) would like to inform media corporations operating in South Africa, their journalists, the business community at large, and the citizens of South Africa that it will not be deterred from investing monies into media outlets in the country.

Sekunjalo, under the executive chairmanship of Dr Iqbal Survé, will also not be told where and how it should invest its monies. This as rival media organisations to Independent Media, in which Sekunjalo via a consortium, Sekunjalo Independent Media (SIM), is the main shareholder, attempted to infer it should not be shoring up its own investments, this past week.

Sekunjalo has repeatedly informed all media – and anyone who asks – that it is also the only shareholder at Independent Media that has invested monies (more than R300 million) into operations at the media house.

It has done so for a number of reasons. These included the dire need to modernise the legacy business, which had been run into the ground by its former owners.

Independent Media, as the most comprehensive print media establishment in South Africa, with a national footprint and a large distribution base was, and still is, an important vehicle for disseminating the news in South Africa.

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