Published June 17, 2016 by Gasant Abarder, Cape Argus at 09:23am
Gasant Abarder spoke to Nadine Cloete, who has won acclaim for her documentary telling the story of young anti-apartheid fighter Ashley Kriel.

Cape Town – It was in 1987, the year film-maker Nadine Cloete was born, that a security policeman brutally murdered anti-apartheid activist Ashley Kriel. Exactly 29 years later this year, Nadine has immortalised in film his sacrifice in the Struggle for a free South Africa.
So committed was she to ensuring his story was told, that she devoted a third of her life to producing Action Kommandant – the Untold Story of Revolutionary Freedom Fighter Ashley Kriel.
The film has been showed to seven sold-out screenings at this year’s Encounters South African International Documentary Film Festival. Action Kommandant won the festival’s audience award for Best South African Film.
I was lucky enough to get a seat to the South African premiere and was among many of Ashley’s contemporaries and peers from Bonteheuwel and beyond.
In the film, Nadine uses them and Ashley’s closest family as the devices to tell his story. It is a gripping account that has light moments as it moves from his early years as a 13-year-old upstart, primary school activist, fighting for textbooks, to leaving you outraged at his untimely death.

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