Published, May 19 2016 by Dougie Oakes and Carlo Petersen, Cape Times at 23:00pm
For 140 years the Cape Times has been one of South Africa’s pre-eminent newspapers of record.
We have brought the always unfolding story of our country to our readers in various ways, including by horseback, telegram, telephone, telex, tape recorder, e-mail, smartphone and internet, and by long-hand, shorthand, typewriter and computer.
And, make no mistake, in our rapidly evolving world, there will still be many other ways of recording and disseminating the news.
Our reporters have seen and written about much that we, as South Africans, can be ashamed of. But we’ve also recorded events that can make us enormously proud.

Over the years, we’ve brought our readers stories about riches and poverty, about natural disasters, about pestilence and prejudice, about sporting triumphs, about incredible political changes and much, much more.

Who would have thought, for instance, that when the National Party came into power in 1948 on a promise of Afrikaner dominance and apartheid, that so many of us would see democracy being attained in our lifetime?

There were dark days – and it was tough. And many people went to prison or paid the ultimate price in a long, and often bitter, fight for freedom.

But through the Struggle years, the Cape Times was there to tell their stories. We even told the stories of those who continued to believe in apartheid.

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