Published 11 December 2017, Adri Senekal De Wet

JOHANNESBURG – South Africa made global headlines last week. Allegations of corrupt dealings at Naspers and Steinhoff shocked the global investment fraternity.

I received messages and phone calls from business leaders, economists and stockbrokers from all over the globe, all eager to share more bad news, all armed with deadly ammunition to launch the final missile against these two companies.

What was surprising was how many people from the Afrikaans community were angered by what had been done by these two companies.

Naspers and its local subsidiary Media24 are competing media houses to Independent Media. The recent allegations of corruption against Naspers and its board members gave us the opportunity to launch our own missile, to gain financially by selling more news in print and online, by selling their bad news, thus weakening a competitor.

This is something that Naspers and Tiso Blackstar (formerly TMG) perfected against Independent media and its owner Dr Iqbal Survé since he acquired the business in 2013.

I called Independent chairperson Dr Survé after these revelations, asking for his views of the recent corruption allegations at Naspers, which has never had a good word to say about him.

They even pay a journalist a retainer to investigate and write negative articles about Dr Survé. After many years, after finding nothing, they are forced to sit back and relax.

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