Published, 08 March 2017 by Adri Senekel De Wet, Business Report at 06h29am.

Cape Town – Dr Iqbal Survé, the executive chairman of the Sekunjalo Group, and technology entrepreneur Marcel Boekhoorn, owner of Ramphastos Investments, on Tuesday announced a joint investment in a South African gold reclamation project.

The investment will see significant amounts of gold being reclaimed from mining dumps using state-of-the-art technology, resulting in job creation and foreign currency earnings for the South African economy.

Boekhoorn’s holding in Ramphastos Investments comprises a wide array of business interests ranging from cutting edge technology, including voice; biometrics; digital antennas; decompostable coffee cups and aviation glass to private equity and real estate.

His most prized real estate asset is the hi-tech Campus Eindhoven, often dubbed the most intelligent square mile in the Netherlands.

Boekhoorn has a long track record of exceptional returns, making him one of the wealthiest people in the Netherlands.

“Partnering with Dr Iqbal Survé, a well-respected and highly reputable industrialist, enables us to bring novel technology to the country, while capitalising on Dr Survé’s knowledge and network,” said Boekhoorn.

Survé, a billionaire philanthropist, has invested in several technology companies. He is also the executive chairman of Independent Media

Survé said he expected to report more joint investments with Boekhoorn in the months to come. Both entrepreneurs are committed towards a long-term partnership with joint teams already vetting follow-on transactions.

Survé said Boekhoorn’s focus on sustainable, impact projects was aligned with some of the objectives of the Sekunjalo Impact Fund, which was launched on February 9.

Two key areas of the Impact Fund are sustainability as well as technologies.