The digital economy is fast impacting business across the globe. In Africa, AYO wants to ensure it impacts people too. By Ayanda Mdluli

“We believe that transformation is much more than a compliance exercise; it is a business imperative.”

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is heading to Africa and, with it, the transformation of information and communications. As SA’s leading ICT company, with a large African footprint, AYO Technology Solutions (AYO) is driving the socio-economic future of the country and the rest of the continent through specific digital transformation and technologicaldisruption strategies.

CEO Howard Plaatjes is excited to be involved in AYO at a time when the business is at the forefront of transformation. “We are partnering with forward-thinking businesses to deliver innovative and trusted end-to-end networking infrastructures and ICT solutions that South Africa – and the continent – need in order to play a meaningful role in 4IR,” he says.

The company not only digitally empowers other organisations but equips these businesses to be key drivers of the economic and social transformation of the industries

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