Published 4 June, by Dr Iqbal Survé

CAPE TOWN – The Johannesburg stock Exchange (JSE) needs to “honestly” transform.

The JSE is anti-transformation. The Sekunjalo Group (Sekunjalo) strongly believes this to be the case, with only a minor percentage of black-owned and black managed companies listed on South Africa’s largest exchange in the 25 years since the advent of democracy.

Sekunjalo sees the veracity of its belief in the fact that the JSE appears to have double standards when it comes to dealing with black-owned and managed listed entities. For example, there has been unnecessary and consistent harassment levelled by the JSE at various companies associated to the Sekunjalo Group of late.

Many of these companies have outstanding track records garnered over more than two decades of operation, with some of them listed for a significant period of time.

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