As a major player in various industries, Sekunjalo Investment Holdings is bent on opening the doors to innovation on the continent. By Kaz Henderson

Technology is the key to opening the doors to the African continent’s sustainable future. This is a fairly broad statement, particularly as the word “technology” encompasses such a wide range of parameters. Yet, the simple truth is that technology can indeed positively impact the daily lives of everyone who lives on the continent. Dr Iqbal Survé, chairman of Sekunjalo Investment Holdings, believes Africa’s true potential lies in its people and the increased use of technological innovation to economically free and empower them. Which is why Sekunjalo is invested in the future of the African people.

As one of the continent’s most pioneering technology-investment groups – with interests in e-commerce, the ICT sector, network solutions, biotechnology, aquaculture, media, mining, and more – the company places technology, innovation and people at its heart.

Innovation Impact