Published 13 June 2020 By Independent Media

With the Covid-19 pandemic having reached a crisis level around the globe, it has become crucial to utilize the power of media and civil diplomacy to assist African nations to curb the spread of the virus. The past week in Africa has seen a sharp rise in coronavirus cases.

The fragile health infrastructure in the continent means that it will be doubly strained by an increasing number of new Covid-19 infections.

A prestigious panel of speakers has been lined up to respond to the theme of how China and Africa can work together to overcome the negative impact of the pandemic. The seminar also aims to promote mutual understanding between Africa and China, as well as to improve the African economy post-pandemic thus contributing to the economy and health of both the Chinese and African people.

The event will be held via the online platform, Zoom. Participants include field-specific specialists, diplomats, media representatives and local Chinese representatives. The parties involved will give relevant speeches and enter into discussion regarding points of interest.

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