Investment philosophy

Sekunjalo’s investment philosophy is to follow sound business principles and practices in our quest to create wealth for all our shareholders. We identify and promote entrepreneurs with potential and flair in our prospective business ventures. At the same time, Sekunjalo’s investment philosophy is value-driven and we are always aware of the need to maintain and strengthen our corporate governance.

A cornerstone of our philosophy is the upliftment of previously marginalised groups by creating employment, emphasising development and transferring of skills. Our investment philosophy is value-driven and we are always aware of the need to maintain and strengthen corporate governance. 

We also teach our employees to have respect for the regulatory institutions in the public and private sectors. The Group’s management team is encouraged to run each business unit in a sustainable manner with regard to communities and the environment.

Over time, Sekunjalo’s business model has resulted in us acquiring control of the majority of our investments. This enables us to add value through our extensive networks, whilst promoting an entrepreneurial culture within our management structure and staff groups. 

Sekunjalo has become an investment holding company that seeks to empower individuals and communities through profitable investments. In investments which are identified as strategic, Sekunjalo will acquire strategic non-controlling stakes, provided that Sekunjalo is able to influence the business processes and add value to create wealth for stakeholders and achieve transformation.

In Fishing, we continue to explore partnerships both locally and abroad to improve costs efficiencies and the ultimate selling prices. We do expect further consolidation in the industry and are positioning ourselves as an attractive partner for the industry as a whole.

In Aquaculture, we continue to expand the farm and expect international pricing to cover historic prices thus improving the profitability of the farm. As natural resources decline globally, we are exploring opportunities with an overseas partners and evaluating the farming of other species which would complement our existing activities.

In the ICT sector, we have made and will continue to make strategic acquisitions. The serviced focused model of our ICT businesses will deliver improved returns and number of State tenders won by our health IT subsidiary, HST, will provide the platform for significant growth in the years to come.

In Biotechnology, the investment in facilities and improved efficiencies in the manufacturing processes will lead to improved revenues. In addition the ultimate goal to list on a foreign exchange, has been prioritised. This will not only unlock some of the underlying value in the business but also provide it with significant amounts of capital with which it can fast track the facilities and the research and development to transform the business and its global patents into a truly global business.