Ethics & Corporate Governance

Sekunjalo subscribes to the highest governance codes in all of its public and private investments and business dealings. The Group has won several awards for sound business practice and gained recognition for its long-term sustainable business modelMaintaining good, strong relationships with partners has also had a positive impact on the Group’s reputation, which has consistently resulted in sustainable growth, and new corporate developments. Our people are encouraged and rewarded by conducting themselves with the strictest of governance standards.

We ensure that the companies we invest in also uphold the high standards of ethics and reporting that is required to operate in their countries of origin and that the principles defined by the King Code of Corporate Governance are adhered to.

Further, that our people and those companies in which we invest must reflect the Triple-Bottom-Line philosophy of, People, Planet and Profits.

The Sekunjalo Group is responsible for appointing the Board Directors for the companies that Sekunjalo controls and those in whom we have a strategic influence through shareholding.

These Directors are appointed on their strong credentials in governance, accountability and business performance.