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AfriNat is a national research and development, technical advisory and manufacturer of agricultural products, specializing in the marketing and distribution of innovative, “next generation” crop protection, crop health and plant life scientific brands.

With more than 20 years’ experience in complexed bioflavonoids and fruit acid extracts as active ingredients, AfriNat presents a well-integrated biological portfolio to Farmers, Packers and Food Manufacturing in an ever-changing environment. Consumer awareness of the health hazards posed by synthetic fungicides/pesticides, have created a demand for healthier food options which have resulted in higher restrictions placed for “residue-free” food. This has set the stage for more natural alternatives in our food production systems.

The natural preharvest range comprises of bio-stimulant products formulated from bioflavonoids and other fruit acids, which promotes vigorous growth and regeneration of healthy plants, subsequently leading to greater food safety and security; and less food wastage. These products are used in spray programmes for maximum yield and better quality of fruits and vegetables.