Premier Fishing

Premier Fishing is the largest black controlled fishing company in the South African fishing industry and has long-term fishing rights in South Coast and West Coast lobster, Pelagic and Squid. They also own an abalone aquaculture farm in Gansbaai, and Marine Growers.

Premier Fishing is a vertically integrated fishing company which specialises in the harvesting, processing and marketing of fish and fish-related products. The company has been in operation since 1952.  It has four operating divisions, subsidiary companies and a number of joint ventures.  The company’s vision is to be “The First Choice” of all its stakeholders.

Premier Fishing and its subsidiaries hold medium-term fishing rights in West Coast Rock Lobster, South Coast Rock Lobster, Small Pelagics (anchovy and sardine), Hake Deep Sea Trawl and Long Line, Squid, Tuna and Swordish.  In addition Premier Fishing owns a number of brands and invests in organic agriculture through the Seagro range of products.  As an eminent black empowerment company in the fishing industry with quotas in the major sectors, the company stands to maintain its position with possible increases in key sectors.

Premier Fishing is one of the few black empowerment companies where employees own a significant share in the company.   The Company has an excellent skills development programme which has resulted in a factory employee being promoted to a directorship and is the first large fishing company to have a female executive director.

Premier Fishing is a large-scale employer at its processing plants located all along South Africa’s coastline and in many instances the only employer in poorer coastal communities, with thousands of families dependent on the company for their livelihood.

Premier Fishing operates factories from Port Nolloth in the Northern Cape to Humansdorp in the Eastern Cape with a workforce of 476 workers, who through the Premier Fishing Share Trust own 16% of the company’s equity.